Inspired by the earliest visitors to the Hilton Head area, William Hilton's ship of discovery is modeled after a 16th century Spanish galleon. Its design allows for two levels of play, with a crawlspace underneath the upper deck.

Key educational components:

  1. A stage for dramatic play. Children can pursue both realistic and imaginative play with a variety of props and costumes.
  2. Climbing a ladder or cargo net down into the "hold", crawling below deck to explore the ship's hull and raising or lowering the fishing nets all contribute to Gross Motor Skills.
  3. The "pilings" on the dock have ropes around them with various marine knots for the children to try to tie and develop Fine Motor Skills.
  4. By utilizing the periscopes, telescopes and binoculars children are exploring the science of optics.
  5. Children love to gaze at their reflection. They will be surprised by the mirrored ceiling below deck and the dock mirrors which allow them see their reflections in both convex and concave perspectives.
  6. Little sailors can learn to identify aquatic sounds by pushing buttons which create thunder, seagulls, fog horns, ocean waves, wind, etc.
  7. At the front of the ship a carved mermaid guides its direction and allows for a perfect "photo op" for the little sailors memory books.
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