2020 Summer Camp Information

DATES June 7 – August 14, 2020

The Sandbox Children’s Museum offers a summer camp program for children ages 4 -12 years (4-10 years at Hilton Head & 6-12 years at Tanger 2). Through the guise of play and exploration this 8 week program provides children enrolled an opportunity to explore a variety of themes that integrate hands-on learning with S.T.E.A.M. activities as well as daily staff supervised play with the exhibits.

Pre-registration is required prior to Wednesday of the previous week. Children will be supervised according to a 1:5 ratio of staff to children.

Weekly and Daily Pricing

This program runs Monday through Friday weekly beginning June 7th. The Hilton Head location only offers a half-day program. Tanger 2 offers both half-day and full-day options.

There is sibling discount only when both are registered for the full week program.

 Weekly  Half-day
 Full-day (Tanger 2 ONLY)
 Member  $175  $300
 Member Sibling  $140  $240
 Non-Member  $225  $390
 Non-Member Sibling  $180  $312
 Daily  9:00am-12:00pm  Full-day (Tanger 2 ONLY)
 Member  $40  $80
 Non-Member  $50  $100

Camp Details

   Hilton Head  Tanger 2
 Ages:  4-10 years  6-12 years
 Hours:  9:00am-12:00pm  9:00am-12:00pm

Camp registration

Pre-registration is required for attendance and must be received prior to Wednesday of the previous week. All attendees must complete the registration form and liability waiver prior to attending. Completed forms may be emailed or mailed back to the museum.

Please click here for Registration form

Summer fun Policies & GUIDELINES

Please click here for program policies & guidelines

We are offering five themed sessions. You may register for 1 or more weeks. You do not have to register for a full session.

Hilton Head Themes 2020

June 8 – June 19 – Air and Land! Week 1 June 8 is Closed
We will also explore the many facets of air and land. Learn about different bodies of land around the globe. Have you ever wanted to know how a plane fly’s or design your own car? Work with the wind tunnel and create an object that will float in air or create your own self-propelled car.

June 22-July 3 – Water, Water Everywhere
This session we will not only, explore bodies of water but also the composition of water with activities such as sink and float in different substances, exploring bubbles and viscosity, build a boat that floats with our engineering challenge. We will also look at ocean animals, and salt versus fresh water.

July 6 – July 17 - Earth and Space Exploration
Come and explore our planet Earth with a study of the continents, conservation and biomes. We will also look at planets in the solar system our sun and moon with activities from the NISE network including shadows, orbits, and eclipses!

July 20-July 31 – Art for Everyone
Everyone has an opportunity to show their artistic skills as explore the visual arts through painting and weaving, performing arts by showing our dance skills and learning some new ones, and the dramatic arts as we learn a skit about Little Red Riding Hood.

August 3 –August 14 – Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!
Young children love the topic of anatomy! This session we will explore systems of the body and learn what it takes to stay healthy. We will look at the lungs, circulatory, skeletal, and muscle systems. Make a self-portrait, work in the garden, hear about good nutrition, practice yoga and create some healthy snacks!

Tanger 2 Themes 2020

June 8 – June 19 – Space Explorers!
Join us for two weeks of space exploration! Each day we will navigate space starting from here on earth to the moon and on to possible worlds far beyond our own solar system. Campers will have a chance to engage in hands-on activity surrounding various astronomy topics from meteors and craters to non-visible light to launching their own rocket! Activities are inspired by NISE Network kits but tailored for the appreciation of children aged 6-12.

June 22-July 3 – Chemistry Camp
Get excited for chemistry! Let your child be amazed as they pour and mix together chemicals to surprising and maybe even explosive results. Chemistry inspires the natural curiosity in a child to ask questions and seek answers. Throughout this week they will follow the steps of a chemist and question the world around them with hands-on activities and creative experimentation. 

July 6 – July 17 - Active Adventures
At its core this is an exploration of human health and anatomy. Through the guise of exercise and activity we can explore how the body works and how we can keep it healthy. In the beginning we will focus on the basics on human anatomy and as we move forward campers will begin to learn how exercise and activity can affect the body. By the end each camper will develop their own exercise routine to share with the rest of us!

July 20-July 31 – Sustain the Lowcountry
This is the world we live in! The low country is home to a variety of wildlife and plants (and people) that need to stick around here for a long time. In this course we will explore some of the ecosystems of the low country and think about ways to keep them sustainable and healthy for generations to come.

August 3 –August 14 – Design Lab
Design Lab is an opportunity to think about STEAM as a whole in a variety of design settings. Each day is focused on a different lab and each activity on that day will highlight different design skills. Campers will be challenged mentally and creatively and bring home some unique projects.

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