The May River Shrimp Boat

This replica shrimp boat allows children to use their imagination and live the life of a shrimper. There are two tethered fishing poles to catch magnetic fish, steering wheels to navigate the sea and sound effect buttons to add to the experience. Off the back of the boat children can slide down, pass through the crawl thru or dress up in raincoats and life preservers. What will you catch today?

The Pneumatic Lighthouse

This lighthouse in the design of the Harbour Town lighthouse on Hilton Head Island, demonstrates a pneumatic air system. Children can put a scarf in one hole and watch it be sucked up and come out the top to gently float back down.

S.T.E.M. Fun for Everyone

In our S.T.E.M. area you will find three interactive exhibits that will challenge your child to imagine, design, and build. Your child will love to build 3-D structures on the vertical Lego Wall.

Our Magnetic Wall will have your child making predictions, collaborating with others, and experimenting with physical science. Explore Newton’s Law of Motion on our magnetic wall. Design and create ramps for the balls and experiment with force and motion while you play with the magnetic gears.

The Ball Ramps are a great way to engage the younger scientific mind. It is a nice introduction to cause and effect with gravity.

The Light Lab encourages the investigation of light and creativity! Children can see how light interacts with a variety of different materials.

Come and play with our Flight Lab to explore air and wind currents, gravity, and resistance. Experiment with different objects and how they fly or not!

Imagine, Invent, Inspire Makerspace

Our Makerspace area is for children of all ages who like to design, create, and build and then do it again differently. If your child can dream it, they can build it. If your child is curious and creative this space will be filled with a variety of real materials to feed their imaginations. This is a space to tinker and explore to their hearts delight!

Types of activities you may find;

  • Electric circuits
  • Woodworking
  • Cardboard creations
  • The Power of Paper
  • Textiles and Fabrics

Sea Turtle Exhibit

Come and learn about the lifecycle of the sea turtle who makes its nest on the beaches of Hilton Head and surrounding communities. This exhibit has a series of panels, which illustrate the life cycle of the sea turtle, what they eat, where they nest, and the importance of turning lights out on the beach when they hatch. It includes a hands-on model of a sea turtle nest, shells and flippers to dress up like a sea turtle as well as books, puzzles and other interactive materials about the life of the sea turtle.

Art Studio

Our beautiful art studio has something for every artist. Children can create with a variety of mediums including clay, chalk, pastels, watercolors, and much more.

There are Easels for painting or drawing, a Chalk Board wall to create and recreate at each visit, and our Weaving wall speaks to the child who like to explore different textiles. A large table allows children to gather and be creative while collaborating and interacting social with peers and caregivers.

Lullaby Lagoon

Even infants and toddlers have space created just for their developing needs. In our Lullaby Lagoon they can crawl or lay on our Turtle Climber soft pads. For those just getting steady on their feet the pull up bar is perfect for practicing standing and looking at their reflection in the mirror. Small discs with different textures and photo’s will keep any baby busy. Lullaby lagoon is surrounded by bench seating for caregivers and serves as a way to protect the space for our youngest guests.

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