Sensory Saturday (4th Saturday of each month)

Beginning January 2019, on the 4th Saturday of each month, we will open our doors an hour early exclusively for families with children who have sensory processing differences or those with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD), however, children with other developmental challenges are welcome. Beginning at 9:00am the museum will foster an inclusive environment for these children and families.

The museum will open at 9:00am. Regular hours begin at 10:00am

Reduced Admission is $5/person (1 year and up), Members are free.

Dates: August 24
September 28
October 26 (please note museum has a special event at 10am, “Spookalicious” and will open to the public and you are welcome to stay)
November 23
December 28

This event includes the following modifications and supports:

  • Designated quiet spaces
  • Dimmed lighting upstairs
  • No background music
  • Fidgets, weighted vests, headphones and other sensory resources available for use while in the museum.
  • Reduced/No volume on certain exhibits (train and airplane cockpit)
  • The entire museum is open except for the Shadow Wall.
  • A therapy dog, Trapper the Wonder Dog, may visit on some Saturday’s. He will be available to visit on the porch as you enter or exit.

Click here to download our museum social story. This social story has been created to help familiarize your child and yourself with the Museum and it’s exhibits before you visit.

Planning a visit outside these hours

If you are unable to attend on Sensory Saturday but would like to visit another day the quieter times are first thing in the mornings when we open or after 3:00pm in the afternoons. Rainy days we are very busy during the tourist season. We will have the basket of sensory support items put away but please ask the staff for any items which may be needed during regular hours.

For more information please contact the museum


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