In our S.T.E.M. area you will find three interactive exhibits that will challenge your child to imagine, design, and build. Your child will love to build 3-D structures on the vertical Lego Wall.

Our Magnetic Wall will have your child making predictions, collaborating with others, and experimenting with physical science. Explore Newton’s Law of Motion on our magnetic wall. Design and create ramps for the balls and experiment with force and motion while you play with the magnetic gears. Or use the magnetic shapes to make a creative design.

The Ball Ramps are a great way to engage the younger scientific mind. It is a nice introduction to cause and effect with gravity.

Use your imagination to build large structures with our soft foam Blue Blocks.

The Light Lab encourages the investigation of light and creativity! Children can see how light interacts with a variety of different materials. Children can use the tray to explore different materials through light, as well as the marble top to make patterns with marbles.

Come and play with our Flight Lab to explore air and wind currents, gravity, and resistance. Experiment with different materials andd make objects and see if they fly or not!

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