The Sandbox has a cozy upstairs loft that is designed to stimulate all kinds of learning. There is a puppet theater where children can star in their own Broadway show. A Lego table and a light table are available for little builders to use to create their own special masterpieces. And, our Thomas the Tank train set offers hours of fun for kids to design and manipulate their own railways.

Children can also snuggle up with a special stuffed animal on our large soft pillows and enjoy a special book from our library. Tea tables are always set for tea parties or lunch before or after reading time.

There is no end to the art supplies, puzzles, games and toys found scattered throughout the Learner’s Loft.

Key educational components:

Depending on the activity chosen, children can work on developing mathematical skills, reasoning skills, word recognition and reading skills and enjoy dramatic play in the Learner’s Loft.

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