Are you looking for a a few new activities to keep your child engaged and learning during the day. We are now offering our project bags and gift ship items online for curbside pickup on Tuesdays at Tanger 2 and Thursdays on Hilton Head from 10am - noon.

S.T.E.M. & Maker Project Bag

Incredible Combinations

Explore the items in the box and be amazed at what you can make with them! What happens when you mix two white powders with water? Can playdough be used in an electric circuit? Are you able to build a bridge with just Popsicle sticks? Follow the instructions included to see what is possible!

Daring Designs!

Challenge yourself to be creative and innovative. Each activity in this kit has an element of design. Make your own robot, design your own art tool, and mix your own dye. We’ve provided the tools and the basic instructions you provide the ingenuity!

Pattern Play

Look around you at the world of patterns. Each thing made or even grown has a patterned design within it. From buildings, to art, to the way plants grow in nature. With this kit start with our basic instructions and then build upon your own patterns to make and observe beautiful and unique designs.

Invitation to Investigation

Come together to explore some surprising science and mathematics. What happens when we mix these two clear and colorless liquids? Can you build a circuit as thin as a piece of paper? And how can you turn a square into a unique pattern stencil? Follow the included instructions and your own curiosity to investigate the answers!


Kids love these small sea animals sand bags. Choices include crab, seahorse, dolphin, and sting ray.

Reusable Stickers Book

These stickers books will keep your child busy for hours. There are a variety of fun and interesting topics to choose from and are great to have on the go. Themes include Prehistoric (shown), Vehicles, Habitats, and Farm.

Puffy Stickers Book

Children love the way these puffy stickers feel. They come in many themes and are designed for children 4 years and up. Themes include; Pirate, Ocean, and Mermaids.


These Kiddorable umbrellas are a favorite. Ten different themes; Bee, Frog, Dolphin, Ladybug, Shark, Butterfly.


Just add water to this fun science sensory activity. Reuse once it dries out and it comes with a black light for an added cool effect. Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Water WOW!

Kid’s love these coloring books they can use again and again. And you will love that they can create with water! These come in many topics; Number, Farm, Pet Mazes, Fairy Tales, and Animals.

If you would like to create a basket of items for a gift or home please email or call the location you would like to pick up from.

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