Let’s Play!

Whether you’ve been planning your visit to The Sandbox for months or are just popping in for a spur-of-the-moment visit, your trip is sure to be a big hit! Our youngest visitors can play safely in Charlie’s Perfect Playplace where infants and toddlers can explore freely in a space designed specifically for crawling, sliding and playing on all fours! Bigger kids love to climb and pretend atop The Adventurer where they can explore the high seas on this playscape modeled after a 16th century Spanish galleon.

In total the museum offers 11 hands-on exhibits, a weekly, staff-guided Imagination Hour and a variety of other programs and annual events for members, local visitors and tourist. In addition to these family-focused activities, we also offer fieldtrips, Summer Camp, Parent’s Night Out and community outreach programs. Contact us at 843) 842-7645 to learn more.

Before You Visit

Talk About Your Upcoming Visit

  • Discuss what types of activities and exhibits you will see with your kid(s).
  • Allow them to explore our photo gallery so they can see first-hand what the museum looks like and anticipate what fun they will have!
  • Find out what excites them and look for ways to relate to other things they are learning at school, home and within your community.

Remember: Kids Rule! (at The Sandbox Anyway)

  • Follow your children’s lead! The Sandbox is designed especially for kids to create their own experience.
  • Allow them to lead you through the museum at their pace—let them linger or move right along—whatever works for them!
  • Encourage the use of imagination. Afford the time to get lost in make believe!

Reflect and Revisit

  • Process your experience when you return home. Find out what your child learned during your visit and what you might do differently the next time.
  • Tell us about your experience. We are here to serve you! We’d love to hear what you loved and what might make your experience even better next time.
  • If you love The Sandbox as much as we do, we hope you’ll come back again (or maybe three more times!?!). A family of four, visiting four or more times pays the equivalent of a Family Membership and receives a number of other membership benefits, including discounts and free admission tickets for guest. We offer a Grandparent Membership, too.
Policies and Procedures:


  • Please see all our Health and Safety policies and procedures. Guests are not required to wear face masks however, we will support those you choose to do so.
  • All visitors will demonstrate respect for museum property.
  • All Visitors will honor the property by consuming food/drinks on the museum porch only, discarding waste in designated receptacles.
  • Strollers are not allowed in the museum.
  • Children must be with their parent/caregiver at all times and must not be in any given area without the adult supervision. For example, one child may not be in the upstairs loft alone while the parent/caregiver is downstairs with another child.
  • Your visit to The Sandbox is an opportunity for parents/caregivers and children to play and interact with one another. Please do not use this time to conduct business or talk on the phone while your child is waiting to play with you.


Please see calendar for days and availability.


Day Rates:
Adults: $8.00
E.B.T. (SNAP) holders $3/person
Seniors (65+): $6.00
Active Military: $6.00
Groups of 10 plus*: $6.00
Children (1+): $7.00
(0-12 Months): Free
Members: Free


Family: $150/year
Grandparent: $175/year

Memberships includes unlimited admission and special discounts throughout the year.
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